Sunday, December 4, 2016

Second Of Advent

Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year. All of November I let it brew inside my head, waiting with anticipation for the First Of Advent to arrive, the start of the big Christmas countdown. And still, every year, I feel like once it all starts I just don't have enough time... Anyone who can agree with that? Four weeks of preparation is just not enough. Because there are so many things I want to do and make, see and enjoy. Maybe, just maybe, the First Of Advent is a little teeny weeny bit too late...

So far I have brought down all my Christmas boxes from the attic and this year it is so much easier for me to decorate as I made a great effort to Organize My Christmas Clean Up from last year. I highly recommend you do the same when the time comes. It will save you some tantrums and headaches, exciting kids ripping all boxes open and spreading EVERYTHING around in a chaotic mess. Saying that, I still got three boxes to go. But I'm not fussed.

The Christmas countdown is about enjoying being together, not stress around like a headless chicken and beating myself up for not making it all happen at once. Although that has taken me many years of practice to realize and I'm still working on it. 

So part from my occasional stressing around (!!! Yes I'm still doing it... I'm sooo NOT perfect...) this week I had moments of joy, love and laughter. Like when making saffron buns with Emmy. Having Christmas dinner with some girlfriends and laughing myself tickled pink. Peeping through lit windows when the dark falls. Listening to the school choir by the Christmas tree in the village. Making some handmade Christmas gifts on a quiet afternoon before kids rumbles in through the door. Watching the movie Elf and having tea and ginger cookies. Opening the first of many doors in the advent calendar. And lighting two candles in the advents chandelier for the Second Of Advent of course. That is almost the best part.

What was your best part of the week?


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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Market In France

The market in Annecy, France, is a real treat. To go there with a couple of girlfriends is even more of a treat. I was lucky enough to do this "girls-day-out-in-France" last weekend. YAY! Unfortunately the weather was not the best but this picturesque little town made up for the cold and grey sky with its cute narrow streets, colorful buildings and wonderful atmosphere. I just could not have enough of its beauty and charisma. This was my first visit here, but it won't be my last.

We left early in the morning and took our chance to have a traditional French breakfast at a cute café, indulging in croissants and brioches with hot chocolate. We wandered the market streets of the old town chasing treasures and I was very tempted to by a vintage crochet granny square throw... I saw it and had this vision of it belonging to a charcoal grey sofa of 2016 in a modern flat somewhere in Stockholm. I thought this crochet blanket would make a great interior design statement in a trendy home like that, bringing life and character with its vibrant colors and homespun style, linking the old with the new, the past with the future... I didn't buy it. It was only 40 Euros (!!! All those hours some lovely lady has spent making this blanket...), but I don't own a modern flat in Stockholm and I don't have a sofa of the latest 2016 model... So the blanket was left behind for someone else. I kind of regret it... Isn't it beautiful?

By noon the streets were packed and we escaped into a French restaurant for lunch (Eating out twice in the same day, WOW!). We had such a great time, purchased a few items and the day passed by way to quick. I'll go back there any day for yet another treat.


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Monday, November 28, 2016

First Of Advent

Pattern: Wilma's Winter Set by me.

Everyone slept in on Sunday morning and I was first up at 8 am. I immediately started to prepare some Christmas porridge. Soon after Emmy Bo came downstairs and we took out the advent chandelier. Candles, moss and mini toadstools. That is pretty much all you need. And the traditional advent chandelier of course.  Later we continued to put up decorations while listening to Christmas carols.

We walked the woods behind the house in the afternoon, my littlest girl, me and Jay, then there was tea and ginger cookie house making time. It was our first attempt on building a ginger cookie house. A store bought set from IKEA had to do. It worked out pretty good, but I think we have to work on the icing a bit. We struggled to get the right consistency and found it really hard to make swirls and pretty decorations. Any tips? Maybe we need at real piping tool? Make a special icing?

This morning Luca and I lit the first advent candle while having breakfast. Everyone else fast asleep as we are the early birds here. 6.30 am we get up and 7.30 am he is off to school. I enjoy those quiet mornings in the dark. Especially now when lights are in the house making it all cozy and warm.

Happy First Advent everyone and may your week be a really good one. Do you have an advent chandelier as well? Or what is your tradition?

Note: Crochet scarf and hat pattern: Wilma's Winter Set by me.


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